What is Coaching

In coaching we believe wisdom sits in the center of your being. The answer is therefore always within you. There is no failing - only learning. There are no right or wrong answers, there are also no right or wrong actions. There is only experience derived from those actions or inactions. Our coaching space is judgment-free about what you say or do. You are here to discover and be yourself.

Be Yourself

Our brand of coaching uses a support system approach. We strive to help our clients discover their highest potential and fall in love with the highest version of themselves. This is done by clarifying their desires and focusing on their dreams. To Be Yourself means to strengthen and empower your relationship with who you are. We encourage clients to embrace their core values, self-truths, and grand visions in order to become the best leaders, entrepreneurs, and creatives they can be.

The Transformational Plan

As a first step in establishing our coaching - client relationship we will identify the specific areas in your business or personal life that require attention. We will also clarify your dreams, goals, and desires to define what a fulfilled and balanced life and or career look like for you. The objective is to move you toward the life you have dreamed of while also deepening your self-knowledge in the process. All that is required of you is the willingness to make learning a priority and to be committed and inspired to grow. The goal is to Be Yourself.

Once we start working together, you will acquire tools for clarity and focus. As we know; where focus goes – energy flows. We will acknowledge self-limiting beliefs by raising awareness around tensions and resistances in your life. It will assist you to identify which thoughts are serving you and your grandest version of yourself, and which thoughts you must let go of in order to create the shift and learning curve needed to Be Yourself.

Awareness will be our tool. Clients tend to start having insights and realizations immediately. It takes time to build and incorporate new habits. We are interested in facilitating permenant shifts in consciousness in order to create permanent learning. I recommend for individuals who are new to coaching to commit to a 3-6 month process of self-discovery including, a 55-minute session via phone, Skype, or in person once a week. For someone who is totally determined to create a new reality of their dreams and desires, I would encourage them to consider a year-long commitment to Be Yourself.

Depending upon which package you choose, we will work together to design and implement an individualized Personal Development Plan. This plan will act as a template for what to expect from the coaching engagement. It will also outline the new habits, skills, and goals you will be incorporating into your life in the weeks and months to come in order to Be Yourself.