About Me

I’ve always been a coach for friends, family members, coworkers, even strangers on my traveling journeys. Embracing people for who they are and bringing their highest qualities to their attention is my calling. Moving people forward is what I’m most passionate about. Helping them to realize that their purpose on this planet is to fall in love with themselves and others on a deeper level. It’s that simple. The more we embrace that reality, the more beautiful our lives become.

Growing up in Russia, I've had the privilege of experiencing one of those “old-fashioned” childhoods. It was complete with bicycles, wildflowers, butterfly chasing, and carving passageways through acres of strawberry fields. My parents have always been and still are my biggest support system. They have encouraged me to experience myself and the world to the fullest. That’s exactly what I’ve done and what I’ll continue to do.

As a curious student of journalism at Voronezh State University I found my way to United States, which seems like a million lifetimes ago. I finished Business School at the University of New Orleans with a degree in Management. I also spent two years earning a Professional Coaching Certification at the University of Miami. Education has always motivated me, organized my thoughts, and clarified my vision.

Years of extraordinary experiences in the entertainment industry have been my biggest joy, a great self-discovery, and an excellent journey of team work. It showed me the contrast of facade personalities and the depth of the souls. I am endlessly grateful to the people I’ve met along the way and the lessons I’ve learned in order to become the highest version of myself.

When people ask me how I seem to be so happy and satisfied with life, my only answer is that I figured out my relationship with Myself. I fell in love with Myself and I am constantly aware of my vibrational relationship to who I really am and what I truly desire. I guide every thought I can to align with the wholeness that I am. I became a deliberate thinker. I no longer create by default. I think on purpose, I speak on purpose, I act on purpose and that only happens when I am in alignment with Myself.